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Brand New Remote Control - Now In Stock!

Brand New Remote Control - Now In Stock!

Tuesday 16th October 2018

Britalia Door Products Ltd are pleased to announce their latest Remote Control System to the Industrial Door Market.

The NECO Eco Remote is a brand new wireless remote control system, with a 433.92 Mhz frequency.

Sales Director Mike Hinton said "This new remote control system is similar to the NECO MK1 Remote. This remote however, can be used with NECO Safety Beams, enabling a stop and return function".

The NECO Eco Remote can also be used with various NECO Switches. It's water-resistant and enclosed in an IP rated box, meaning it is suitable for use in both residential and commercial premises.

The NECO Eco Remote can be programmed with up to twenty wireless handsets and has both automatic and deadman operation.

For more information on the NECO Eco Remote, download the product card.

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