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Piecing Together The Perfect Garage Door

Piecing Together The Perfect Garage Door

Tuesday 21st August 2018

A residential garage might be the safe haven for a prized car, a great hangout place for band practice or even somewhere to escape and have a quiet five minutes to yourself, but what is the best way to secure your garage?

With an electric roller garage door....of course!

But what am I looking for to build a perfect garage door? What products are most cost-effective and safe? Don't worry, that's where Britalia can help!

Keeping In the Warmth

Britalia can supply foam-filled, insulated lath in 55mm and 77m sizes, available in any RAL colour. Keep the cold out during the winter months!

Motorising the Door

The best motor to use on a standard-sized residential roller garage door would be the NECO ED1/60-M Tubular Motor. It only weighs around 4kg, features a manual override and has easily accessible electronic motor limits. It fits nicely into different barrel sizes, as there are a number of different adaptors for this motor.

At the Touch of a Button!

The NECO Rollermatic Garage Remote Control. Unit is supplied with two metallic finish and discreet NECO Wireless Handsets, which you can clip onto a keyring and carry around. The NECO Rollermatic Garage Remote Control Unit features an LED light so you don't get left in the dark.

Manually Overriding the Door

By using the NECO Crank Handle, you can easily access the tubular motor's manual override feature, without taking the door apart.

Safety First!

NECO Light Guards are a great safety feature that can be wired into the NECO Rollermatic Garage Remote. They are supplied as two 1.8m strips and are installed into the guides on the door. They boast an impressive response time of just 45ms and will stop and retract the door into it's default position upon detecting any obstructions from 1.8 metres high and 6 metres wide.

For further information on any of our products please contact the sales team.

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